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Mass Media

mass-media-clubMember Teachers:

Mrs. Renu Mankotia( Incharge)

Miss Shraddha Rahane

Mrs. J Kaur

Mr. Sushil Mulay



Mass Media Club

The media is the most widespread and influential system of communication today’s world. Media club is formed to Promote school activities in various media houses.   In the media club student are supports to engage with the media activity. Mass media include variety of medium like T.V, Radio, Newspaper, Magazine, Journal, and Newsletter which are used to communicate with the masses. Hence the activities of the mass-media club include activities based on communication.

It focus on the following aspects

  • To developed in students an understanding of media and enables them to appreciate potential and limitation of various media forms.
  • To encourage student participate in contemporary society as active citizens.
  • Become aware of the political, social, economic and historical aspects.
  • To develop skill to encourage the production of creative media manager
  • To introduce student various career opportunities in mass media